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KEF Store USA & Canada - Logos, eCommerce Website Design & Build

Working with KEF Audio for over 4 years, we have already delivered them a successful eCommerce website for the UK, as well as handle the web hosting of their USA and Canada eStores.

We were then asked to take on the re-design of the USA and Canada eCommerce websites.

Buttasideup produced KEF two Magento eStores. This platform offered the client a flexible, scalable eCommerce solution.

They eStores are now fully responsive and have many new features that were lacking from the old websites.

Visit the live sites here: www.kefdirect.com & www.kefstore.ca


Soft Rock Records - Website Design & Build

Soft Rock Records is an exciting new platform for amazing new artists to achieve commercial success.

The website design enables Soft Rock Records to promote their own business whilst also promoting their signed artisits. It is designed to be simple and clean, with no unnecessary clutter or content.

Visit the live site here: www.softrockrecords.com


Toolroom Records - Interactive Marketing Brochure

Our new client Toolroom Records who are a local record label based in Maidstone asked Buttasideup to design their latest marketing brochure.

Working closely with their marketing team, we came up with a clean and modern design whilst also adding interactive elements.

The client was really happy with the results and we look forward to working on the next project with Toolroom Records soon!


KEF 50 years Celebration CD & Supporting Historical Book

As part of KEFs 50 years celebrations they commissioned Buttasideup to design a book, supporting CD and case for a special edition release and a musical representation of the 50 years they have been in existence.

KEF signed a deal with Universal to use tracks that best represented both their longevity and innovation in sound and with featuring artists such as Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie it was a great job for us to work on but meant the quality of the design had to match the music as well as portraying a strong message of the past, present and more importantly the future vision of KEF.

In ongoing design concepts and brainstorming we decided to incorporate a timeline as well as changing header font for the years in the decades, this allowed us to give a feeling of progression as you go through the book and yet still maintaining the strong brand identity of KEF.

As well as using great images from KEF archives we feel that we have managed to incorporate a feeling of where KEF have come from starting in a small hut on a site in Maidstone in Kent, to becoming a world renowned manufacturer in audio. We were very pleased with the outcome and as a package that will be released in small numbers it will no doubt become a collectable for audiophiles in the future.


Intermedia Marketing - Website Design & Build

Intermedia Marketing have been supplying clients such as Sky and Virgin media with the highest-quality business and consumer data for over 30 years.

Buttasideup partnered with them in order to re-address their website design, to look at ongoing marketing materials as well as launching a new data count feature to allow their customers to view and categorise the data they have available.

Although the structure they already had in place for their website was effective, we felt that by streamlining the way they displayed the information and by introducing a more modern and cleaner feel, it would have a stronger impact on their key selling messages and begin to allow us to tie these design elements in with any further marketing.

We chose to use their strong colour palette as seen in their logo to define each section of their database whether that be business, consumer, sms or email data this way the consumer can be clearer on the type of information they wish to find.

Buttasideup enjoyed working with Intermedia marketing and feel that we have made an improvement on delivering the correct messages for this brand, we also look forward to moving these messages forward into email campaigns in the near future.

Visit the live site here: www.intermm.com



KEF logo

3D motion graphics

Buttasideup have talented in-house 3D designers who are capable of producing quality 3D models and animated 3D sequences. We have produced numerous 3D images and animated 3D sequences for KEF product brochures, presentations and corporate videos.

We use the latest 3D software and powerful hardware to produce these pieces of work.


MowsART Logo Design

Buttasideup were approached by a new start-up business called Mowsart to design a brand for their garden maintenance service.

We had supplied several different routes for the client and they decided to go with the more lighthearted approach depicting elements from a garden within the typography.

We will also be working closely with Mowsart in the near future in order to gain more exposure for their brand via a website and other promotional material.

Website coming soon: www.mowsart.co.uk



Blade renderings


KEF Dock

Bodycraft - Logo, Website Design & Build

We started by designing the business a new logo and then using this we designed the new website based on the same colour palette.

Bodycraft wanted a website that helps promote the fact they are a peaceful, welcoming retreat that sells a range of luxurious beauty treatments and products. Our design reflects this perfectly and the client is very happy with the results.

This is a website that helps the business run more effectively, taking bookings from their customers and also selling Bodycraft to the world as a luxury brand.

Visit the live site here: www.bodycraftwestmalling.co.uk


KEF Store UK E-Commerce Website

KEF commissioned Buttasideup with the design and build of their brand new E-Commerce website, which allows their customers to buy KEF products online for the first time.

The design reflects the style of the main KEF website as we were conscious of keeping the customers experience as seemless as possible when they visit both websites. The design also has the user experience as the top priorty, by making the website as easy to navigate and buy products as possible.

The site was built with one of Buttasideup’s e-commerce packages that we can offer to any of our clients. It has a very user freindly CMS, which allows KEF employees to log in and update the products and prices etc easily themselves whenever they wish.

Visit the live site here: www.kefstore.co.uk


Multos - Flash Presentation Design & Build

We were approached by MULTOS who offer smart card technology which delivers high security and interoperable platforms for any application.

They asked us to convert a very basic Powerpoint Presentation into a more modern & interactive Flash presentation that could be viewed on a touch screen at trade shows.

Our brief was to make the presentation more appealing and to keep the audience interested. We feel we fulfilled this brief fully by adding dynamic movement and interactivity to what was a very plain Power Point presentation. The client was very happy with the results.



Blade brochure

KEF USA Website takeover advertising

Our US based client KEF USA asked us to design all the digital assets required for a full website advertising takeover they had planned.

We started by designing the site skin which appears to the top, left and right of the websites main content. For this we used the KEF logo on the left and a nice product shot on the right with the rain from the products promotional video across the top.

We carried this theme across into the 2 flash banners and added a nice rain effect to them to make them feel just like the video.

The last thing to add was a pre-stitial video that plays automatically when users first visit the website. We cut a larger promotional video down to size and edited the length to suit the websites spec.

Overall the different elements work really well when put together on the website and any users will certainly not fail to notice the campaign.


Colin Whitlock Logo and Website

Buttasideup worked closely with Colin Whitlock a talented photographer to create his logo and website.

The website design reflects the clean style of Colin’s photos. The website enables Colin to easily upload any new photos to seperate gallerys.

Visit the live site here: www.colinwhitlock.co.uk


Stormborn Logo Design and Website

Stormborn are a Heavy Metal band from London. They are currently recording their debut album which is being produced by the world-class Matt Hyde, who has worked with the likes of Slipknot, Trivium, Machine Head and Bullet for my Valentine.

Buttasideup were excited to have the opportunity to design the logo and website for a new and upcoming band that has so much potential.

Website: www.stormborn.co.uk


Alltype Plumbing - Logo Design

Buttasideup were approached to design a brand and identity for a local plumbing service Alltype Plumbing.

The client was keen to keep a traditional look and feel as to not alienate a core customer base, yet still remain relevant and to stand out amongst other competitors. Keeping this in mind we designed a number of initial ideas, and after discussions with the client this was the final design.

We look forward to continue working with Alltype Plumbing on future projects in order to develop the brand even further.



KEF flash & print ads


Reference designs

Multos - Flash Touchscreen Design & Build

Our client MULTOS who offer smart card technology for any application asked us to design and develop a second interactive touchscreen for a tradeshow they were attending.

Alongside the interactive touchscreen they also briefed us on an animated infographic video to explain some of their mobile technologies.

The interactive touchscreen explains all the areas of the MULTOS technology and its benefits. Within the touchscreen the animated infographic video we designed and produced can be launched by touching or clicking on one of the interactive clouds.


Infographics - Graphic Design

Pictures speak a thousand words.
Infographics are a great way to display what can sometimes be very boring statistical information in a more simple way that can be quickly digested for your clients or customers.

Static or animated this solution enables information to be shared by email or across social networks or printed media quickly and effectively.


Kestrel Advantage - Logo Design, Branding, Website Design & Build

We gave the business a full re-brand, starting from the Logo and including re-designing the website.

The new logo represents the many layers of Kestrel Advantage and the way they offer many different services to their customers. The origami theme suited the business perfectly as one piece of paper can be folded into many different shapes.

We carried the geometric, origami design cues from the re-branding process through to the website in order to introduce a personable element to their team introductions.

The website re-design completely refreshes the business and we believe helps to modernise Kestrel Advantage.

Visit the live site here: www.kestreladvantage.com


Helpmetowork - Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design & Build

Buttasideup were asked to help develop the whole Helpmetowork branding; from the logo, business cards, email signatures to the website.

We worked closely with the client to establish an overall look and feel of the company and we used this to firstly design the logo. When the client was happy with our final logo design we went on to design and print their business cards.

The next step of the branding was to design the website. We created several designs initially, which the client then helped us narrow down to one final design. This approved design was then built in-house by Buttasideup using the Wordpress CMS platform.

The website is fully responsive and so scales to fit the viewer's browser whether it be on a laptop, iPad or iPhone for example. The way it was built means it keeps all of the content very easy to read which was important for the client.

Helpmetowork were very happy with the work Buttasideup produced and we continue to have a good working relationship with the client.

Visit the live site here: www.helpmetowork.co.uk


High Quality Lifestyles (HQL) Brochure

High Quality Lifestyles (HQL) based in Dover, Kent provide specialist services to people with profound, severe and moderate learning disabilities and /or autistic spectrum conditions, who sometimes present with severely challenging behaviours.

Buttasideup were commissioned by them to design and print manage an easy to read Brochure explaining not only their services but to also incorporate their various pathways to receiving their help in an easy to understand format.

To do this we decided to use a board game style layout where by you can follow a different pathway depending on the level of help you may require, this made up part of the full brochure for which we created an illustration set to help tie the aesthetic together throughout.


RARE Studio website

RARE Studio briefed us initially to design them a logo for their new dance studio. We designed them a number of different options and worked with them to develop the final product. They were really pleased with the final result.

They then briefed us to design and build a website that was aimed at young people who are interested in dance, acting and singing. They wanted this website to have a CMS to enable them to regularly update it with new content and news stories.

We worked on a couple of designs initially and then worked with the client to narrow down a particular look. We finally created a fresh and modern feel with our design which the client loves. For the build we chose to use Wordpress as the CMS as we felt it was the best solution for the clients needs.

Visit the live site here: www.rarestudioliverpool.co.uk


High Qualtiy Lifestyles - Website Design & Build

High Quality Lifestyles (HQL) briefed Buttasideup initially to design and print manage an 'easy to read' brochure explaining not only their services but to also incorporate their various pathways to receiving their help in an easy to understand format.

Following on from the success of that brochure HQL then briefed us to design and build a website that also needed to be 'easy to read' and straightforward to navigate. It needed to follow the same design elements as the brochure and keep the two things looking consistent.

HQL wanted any prospective employees to be able to easily apply for any job vancancies directly through the website using an online form. One of our challenges was to design this in a user friendly way and make the process as easy and painless as possible for the user. The client feels we acheived this and they are very happy with the results.

Visit the live site here: www.hqls.org.uk


KEF Talk HTML Emails

We regularly produce HTML emails for KEF which go out to their customers and retailers. These emails are based on a design that we produced for KEF. We have actually changed the design several times over the year to keep the look fresh and modern.

Working closley with the client we have made each of the emails that are sent out as engaging and exciting as possible. Each email is treated as a new design challenge for us.



Q&T Series renderings

Verisign Green Bar

As part of their Green Bar promotion to promote an added security feature Verisign commissioned the design of some packaging for a chocolate bar which they named the Green Bar.

For this project although the predominate colour choice may have been an obvious one in green we wanted to marry this with a colour palette which tied in with the Verisign brand, so white was chosen for the swooping graphics as well as gold to show a high standard of service for the Green Bar typography as well as using drip lines to illustrate melted chocolate.