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Train, Share & Reward Online
The Ultimate Tool for Manufacturers and Tech Companies.

Control the growth & development of your brand


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At Buttasideup, we understand that businesses need more than just great design work. That’s why when our creative team completes a design project, we don’t just hand it over and call it a day. We can provide additional tools and support to help our clients get the most out of their designs.

BSU Marketing Suite is a powerful and comprehensive set of online tools built with manufacturers and technology companies in mind designed to help streamline employee training, content sharing, and rewards programs.

By leveraging the power of these online tools, businesses can improve their employee engagement, productivity, and ultimately achieve higher returns for their business.

BSU Training

BSU Online Training

The ultimate tool for training your staff, sales teams, and distributors on your company's brands, products, and services. Our online training platform is built on WordPress and designed to give you complete control over your training content and courses.

Our platform includes a wide range of features to make training more engaging, and effective.

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Syllabus Setup: 

Create courses that fit your specific training needs and organise them into modules for better management.

Diverse Reference Materials:

Enhance learning with PDFs, videos, and other reference content.


Test users' knowledge with quizzes and exams, and ensure they have the necessary skills before moving on to other courses.

Reward System: 

Motivate users with certificates, awards, and rewards points as they progress through their training.

User Group Access:

Provide personalised training experiences by creating user groups with different courses and reward access.


Time and Cost Savings:
Provide flexible training to save time and money.

Consistent Training:
Ensure all employees receive consistent training.

Increased Productivity:
Boost employee productivity and efficiency.

Higher ROI:
Train & track employees easily, boost motivation, and enhance their skills for higher business returns.

BSU Resources

Effortlessly share your company's content with your teams and 3rd parties using our powerful and intuitive online platform

Marketing managers struggling to maintain global brand consistency due to different teams impacting marketing and advertising content can now take control and ensure all teams have access to the same content.

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BSU Resources


Host Content:

Upload various types of content, including videos, documents, zips, and images.

Organise Content:

Organise resources into collections for easy categorisation and campaign management. Tag content for quick and easy searching.

Share Content:

Admins can create custom shareable links to specific content.

Build Galleries:

Create downloadable image galleries.

Intuitive Interface:

Designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search, browse, and filter content, much like your favourite streaming service.

User Group Access:

Give different users access to different content.


Brand Consistency:
Ensure consistency across teams with shared content for improved brand recognition.

Efficient Collaboration:
Increase team efficiency through effortless content sharing.

Improved Marketing:
Better marketing effectiveness through consistent brand messaging and visuals.

BSU Rewards

BSU Rewards

Incentivise your staff, sales teams, and distributors by giving them the opportunity to earn and redeem points for purchasing products in our rewards eStore. Reward Points can be accumulated through various real-world activities or via our online training tool, BSU Training.

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Typical eStore Features:

Manage products, customers, and orders with standard e-commerce features in WooCommerce.

Points System:

Set point values and actual prices for products, enabling users to use points for purchases. Users can choose to use their points or even pay in part with real money during checkout.

Automated Points:

Users can automatically earn points from BSU Training, making it easier for them to redeem rewards. Plus admins can add or edit real-world points to users' accounts manually.

Dedicated Sign-Up:

Approve and manage user accounts with our dedicated sign-up solution.

User group access:

Give different users access to different products.

Tax Compliance:

Ensure compliance with tax regulations by requesting users to upload required tax documents, whether the rewards are tax-deductible or taxable income in their country.


Motivated Teams:
Reward staff, sales teams, and distributors to foster engagement and commitment to the brand.

Increased Sales:
Incentivise staff and sales teams to promote and sell products, driving sales growth

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