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Expand yourMarket Position
Identities and tools to build consistency and control for expanding markets.

Design for success


• Logo Design
• Corporate Guides
• Training Content
• BSU Marketing Suite

When improving your brand’s market position or taking it into an entirely different avenue, consistent communications to build trust and understanding within the minds of consumers is important; ultimately so they remember the brand.

Controlling content when expanding a brand can be difficult, especially if multiple teams impact on your marketing content.

With years of experience developing corporate identities and guidelines, Buttasideup can supply your brand with a kit for success.

Labode Identity


Logo & Corporate Guides

We design logos that work across marketing channels that specifically resonate with your target market.

As your brand expands the effectiveness of any corporate identity depends on how simple it is to replicate communications globally.

Considering global market challenges we deliver no nonsense corporate brand guidelines documents. Our guidelines are designed specifically so designers and marketers can understand how to present the brand quickly.


Design Templates & Guidelines

With the myriad of channels and new metaverse ready technologies we can steer you on what marketing and advertising channels will be most effective for your brand for now and the future.

Then build templates designed specifically only for your market needs.

Western Union Email Templates
Identity Training Videos


Brand Training Content

So that your teams can gain a deeper understanding of your brand we can also provide everything from presentations to videos to 3D animations.

We pride ourselves on producing content that is designed to demystify brands, products and services. Through our collaborative process, your team will be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively communicate your brand's message to the world.


BSU Marketing Suite

We have our own bespoke online resource solution to enable you to share your new identity, templates and guidelines.

Share any images and documents and marketing advertising content and enable teams to share their own marketing content increasing the ability to control the brand globally.

Our marketing suite has additional modules such as online training to galvanise your staff, sales teams, distributors around your brand and products.

BSU Marketing Suite

Spam Prevention

We can also help you register your brand logo so that it is recognised as an official electronic mark to prevent your email communications landing in spam folders.

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