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Meta Quest 3 – New Features

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As part of Buttasideup’s constant innovation with VR technology, at the end of last year, we added to our list of headsets with the Meta Quest 3. Being very experienced with what’s possible with VR/AR we can already see the huge potential improvements with VR experiences that we can create using this latest version.

Below are some of the improvements we’ve seen over the last generation:

Double the Power: Twice the graphics processing power and an extra 2 GB RAM compared to its predecessor, ensuring lightning-fast loading times and an incredibly responsive user experience.

Visual Marvel: Noticeably higher resolution, supporting textures up to 4K, and dynamic shadows that bring your virtual world to life in unparalleled detail.

Seamless Refresh: The higher refresh rate of up to 120Hz ensures smooth and fluid visuals, providing a level of realism that’s beyond compare.

See the Real World, Anytime: Quest 3 introduces default Passthrough, allowing you to instantly view your real-world surroundings in full color the moment you don the headset.

Colourblind Friendly: With a Color Correction setting for four types of color blindness, the headset becomes more inclusive and user-friendly, ensuring everyone can experience VR.

Sharper Spatial Awareness: Improved spatial detection with two bottom-edge cameras eliminates the need for outdated tracking rings on controllers. Lighter and more streamlined controllers enable a more enhanced VR journey.

The Result… The enhanced tech & safety features of the Quest 3 now make it the perfect tool for product demos at trade shows. Now, your potential customers can easily try on the headset, explore virtual showrooms, and interact with your products—all while feeling secure in their real-world surroundings.

Step into a new dimension of creativity and innovation with Buttasideup!

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